I decided to invest in ARCHICAD after my first year in business as a new firm. I was a small studio of three people at the time, working in AutoCAD 2D. My initial interest was in BIM’s production capability (self-coordinating schedules with drawings, live-updates to plan/section/elevation, etc.), but I quickly realized ARCHICAD was also an inherently well-designed drafting software that lent itself easily to producing beautiful drawing and models. Graphic quality and clarity of drawings is extremely important to me, and one of my earliest discoveries was that my own CAD graphic and organizational standards developed over years from various firms pretty much translated directly into ARCHICAD. The software works intuitively well, and was clearly designed at the highest level by architects, not engineers. 3D is now an effortless part of my studio’s workflow, and we continue to explore ARCHICAD’s ability to make 3D diagrams, section perspectives, axonometric studies and full renderings. I’m a big fan!

Peter Benoit Architect, Inc.

3015 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
United States


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