At Precision Plan & Design, our goal is to create drawings that clearly articulate the unique needs, styles, and personalities of our clients. That’s why we choose ARCHICAD. We specialize in custom commercial and residential design; so you can imagine the wide range of needs that we strive to meet for our clients. That’s why it is so integral that we have a design program to keep up with the demand of all those specific needs while maintaining a platform that is accessible and user-friendly to our diverse staff. We have used ARCHICAD since our inception, starting clear back on ARCHICAD 6. The ability to design floor plans that transcend into 3-dimensional models is key to producing a set of plans that is accurate, build-able, and aesthetically pleasing. ARCHICAD has not let us down in its pursuit of creating a software that becomes increasingly efficient and intuitive. With every update and each new version, ARCHICAD releases a whole new level of functionality for our staff to be as robust and efficient as possible.

Arleigh Nelson

Precision Plan And Design Inc.

930 12th Sreet
Cody, Wyoming 82414
United States

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