The Ennis House – built in 1924 – is up for sale for a cool $23M.

This classic residence by Frank Lloyd Wright is one that the architects at GRAPHISOFT could not wait to get their hands on. Short of having the fortune to buy it outright, they chose the next best thing – to model it in ARCHICAD. You can see the result below.

Ennis House has been designated as a national, state and city landmark and has quite a list of screen credits to its name, appearing in more than 80 films.

Always the visionary – Wright’s choice of concrete for the house was unusual for the time period. He saw potential in the material for affordable housing. Long considered one of the best examples of Mayan Revival architecture in the United States, Wright created a block construction system with patterned surfaces. Gravel, granite and sand were hand-cast in aluminum molds, resulting in a unique textural appearance on both the exteriors and interiors.


  1. Brett Davis

    This is great. Is this model available for download on BIMx?

    Where would we find that?

  2. Richard

    Mary! Thanks for sharing these great illustrations. I also watched the video on this post about Architectural Classics. Which is better to use archicad or autocad?

  3. Smail

    Thanks for sharing theses ullistrations, I have never imagined that we can model a such building using Curtain wall tool !


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