Check out this YouTube video demonstrating the power of the Rhinoceros® – ARCHICAD connection, announced in April of 2015. The connection enables ARCHICAD users on both the Mac and Windows platforms to export a model created in Rhino, and then import it into ARCHICAD.

The free software, (downloadable here) Rhino connection for ARCHICAD includes a plug‐in for Rhino 5 and an add-on for ARCHICAD 18. It allows complex shapes created in Rhino’s NURBS-based engine (or acquired through 3D scanners) to be brought into ARCHICAD.

This video was created using the model of an entry Nikken Sekkei submitted for the Guggenheim Helskinki Design Competition.



  1. Rodrigo Chain

    I am writing because i am interested in downloading the Archicad Rhino connection. I am currently using archicad on MAC. The only file i see i could download is for Windows. Where can i find the MAC installer?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Kasia

    Hi. Will this work for ArchiCAD 19?

  3. pc

    Hi, is the LCF Observer Plugin available for Archicad 19?
    I could not find any download link

  4. salif.

    am failing to download the gsm-lcf connection for rhino. its saying connection timed out.what is the problem?

  5. Rohan

    i have installed an rhino to Archicad 21 live connection add on in to Archicad, but when i see the design menu under that i couldn’t find any of the rhino to grasshopper connection ? why this is happening?

    • Jared Banks

      If I recall correctly, I think you won’t see the Grasshopper Connection menu until Grasshopper is running.


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